Product Description Want to make good dates great. I don t know how much more of this I can take. Later the next day, the two make up and Larry Fine moves back in with Bunnie. I m getting to be a tired old babe, she says while confiding her situation to Heather, another female customer at the Eleven-Seven. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. After that, Larry Fine moves in with Bunnie. Best SellersProduct Description Want to make good dates great. The stupid loser likes to stand on the front lawn of her apartment building and yell embarrassing things up to her on the third floor, and the neighbors are getting pissed. Bunnie objects, but the landlord says that he has the incident on videotape to prove it. Bunnie feels weird about getting so angry.

Book Summary: The title of this book is The It s Just Lunch Guide to Dating in Cleveland and it was written by Andrea McGinty, Nancy Kirsch, Mark Frankovic. Three weeks later, Bunnie s landlord tells her that Larry Fine will no longer be allowed in the apartment building because he s responsible for setting fire to a couch in the lobby - the result of being in a drunken stupor. People, dating doesn t need to be this way. He smells like aqua velva and beer and has roofing tar all over his hands. This book is part of the 50-book It s Just Lunch Guide to Dating series. The next day, Bunnie returns to her place on the barstool at the Eleven-Seven to stake out another man-claim. He leaves the apartment a few minutes later with toilet paper stuffed in his nostrils. After she punches him in the nose, she tells him to get lost, this time for good. One or two heads turn in the Eleven-Seven as Bunnie makes her way to the bar, orders a Jack and Coke and daintily plops her rear end on one of the barstools. You ain t George Clooney either, but you wear pants.

-Trish Bergin, Inside Edition Customer Book Reviews By Tfr on Dec 27, 2006 Here s why I am highly recommending this book. Time to stake out a man-claim, she laughingly tells one of the women at work the next day. When he shows up at Bunnie s apartment the next day, she promptly punches him in the nose, causing his beak to bleed..
. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. It was published by 10 Finger Press and has a total of 114 pages in the book. About three hours ands several drinks later, a guy who looks like a failed version of Larry Fine challenges her to a game on the bowling machine. She goes to Target and buys a miracle bra and a low cut sweater two sizes too small. Let the experts at It s Just Lunch, the dating service responsible for over 2,000,000 fun first dates, tell you how. ..


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